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Title: Riverside
Artist: Agnes Obel
Album: Philharmonics
I walk to the borders on my own
To fall in the water just like a stone
Chilled to the marrow in them bones
Why do I go here all alone


Dressed to Kill 2 | Cillian Murphy | So It Goes | Behind the Scenes Extras


do u ever ship something so hard

that you literally cant imagine either of them w someone else

like its not that you dont want to imagine them with someone else 

its that you cant

fog on Flickr.

Team’s reactions to May flirting.



how many times do you think you’ve seen the same bird twice.

out of all the things on this website that have fucked me up this is one of the worst

rosamund pike, photographed by frederic auerback
"i’ve always been an outsider. most actors tend to be.
we can pretend to be a part of the crowd, but we never are.”
~ forward